About Me

My name is Adithya Rajan and I am an Electrical Engineering graduate from the University of Illinois. I work as a Product Manager, allowing me to exercise both my engineering and entrepreneurial skills.

I am an aspiring filmmaker with a huge passion for directing and writing, and am currently pursuing my MFA in Film & Television Directing at DePaul University. I am very passionate about promoting Indian Cinema and South Asian Stories through my films. Scroll down to find my filmmaking portfolio, as well as some of my hobbies like photography and singing

Becoming a filmmaker has always been a dream of mine. Visual storytelling is an art form like no other, and I hope to one day contribute to the world of film by making my own feature. I love promoting great films from around the world, particularly from India. Click the link to check out a few of my endeavors in film!

I have created many projects as a part of my engineering curriculum. These include both hardware and software projects, and many of them have a basis in Digital Signal Processing and Audio Engineering. Click the link to check out a few of my engineering projects!

I first found my love for photography in High School, and haven't looked back since. Taking pictures, particularly of landscapes, wildlife, and nature, and editing has been a huge hobby of mine. Over the years, I have learned more and more about the art of photography and look forward to learning more. Check out some of my favorite pictures at the link above!

Music has always been one of my favorite creative pursuits. I have been involved with A Cappella music throughout college, and have a huge appreciation for Indian music. I also have experience with electroacoustic composition and sound design through my coursework and filmmaking projects. Click the link to check out a few of my covers and compositions!

Let's get in touch!

Find my contact information, my social media, and my professional resume here!